[2.0] Starting a Funnel from a Template

[2.0] Starting a Funnel from a Template

Templates can serve as great building blocks for your funnels, and are especially helpful when you’re just starting out. With templates, you can quickly design a working funnel and get up to speed on how all the different bucket.io components work when put together in a funnel. With only a few changes to copy and design, a funnel can be ready quite quickly if you use a template.

You will learn how to start a funnel from a template in this article.

STEP # 1 

On the Dashboard, click either Templates on the Top menu or Use a Template on the Get Started section of the Dashboard.

STEP # 2

  • On the Templates page, you can see the templates that are available for your use. 

  • Click the Preview button on the right bottom of a template to check the template’s look-and-feel.

  • Alternatively, click the three-dot menu button to the right of the Preview button, select any of the two options there, and proceed to either Step 3 (for Funnel Flow) or Step 4 (for Select and Customize) and see their screenshots.

STEP # 3

On the Preview page, to see the flow of the funnel, click the Funnel Flow tab on the top-most middle.

STEP # 4

Still on the Preview page, if you like the template, you can go ahead and click the Select and Customize button on the top right. This opens the template in the Canvas, where you can then customize it according to your requirements.