[2.0] Masterclass Frequently Asked Questions

[2.0] Masterclass Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I make changes to the mobile and tablet versions of my funnel? 

Please click this link to access our Knowledge Base article for assistance on this topic: Editing the Mobile View

2.  How do I create merge fields in bucket.io to use in a Mailchimp email? 

Merge Field Mapping is actually created in Mailchimp, and bucket.io just reflects the properties that a list is given in Mailchimp. Here is an article from the Knowledge Base that addresses this in the alert section (orange bar): Setting up the Mailchimp Integration

3.  How do I make the background color on a Pre-Quiz or Post-Quiz Page translucent? 

Here’s a link to a quick Knowledge Base video tutorial on how to accomplish this. Step-by-step written instructions are listed below:

  • Select the container of the area that going to be translucent
  • Click on the Properties option from the left-hand menu bar (represented by the tools icon)
  • Once at the Properties menu, scroll down to locate the Background color option, it might be displayed as none, or if you have already selected a color for it, it will display that color
  • Click the color option to open the hex or color picker, and choose the color you want to apply, and at the bottom of it there is a degrade bar with controls for you to choose how much transparent you want 
  • Then just click the Ok option

4.  How do I get/use a transparent background image on a Pre-Quiz or Post-Quiz page? 

The images with transparent effects that are used in some of bucket.io’s templates received a bit of doctoring / editing in a 3rd party app prior to being uploaded into bucket.io. These kinds of images with transparent effects can be created in an application such as Photoshop or Canva. Please note that it’s important to ensure that the image created with the transparency effect has the proper dimensions of the container where it is going to be added. Once you have your edited image please refer to this helpful article about how to add the images to your Pre-quiz or Post-quiz page: Change Pre-Quiz Page Background

5.  Is there a quick way to find my Facebook Pixel code for bucket.io?

We have a great resource in our Knowledge Base that details how to access the Facebook pixel code. Please refer to the following help article: Facebook Pixel Integration

6.  How do I remove / change  the background hero image (of the woman) in Layer 1 when using the EASY template?

This quick video tutorial will demonstrate how to remove this image in the Hero section on the Pre-Quiz page: Removing Image in Layer 1

7.  Is bucket.io only for lead generation? 

The bucket.io 2.0 platform serves multiple purposes and while lead generation is a big one, there are many others. By mapping question answers to various buckets or outcomes, you’re able to use this tool to segment your audience, which allows you to customize your marketing messaging and product launches to be more relevant to each audience member, which in turn should increase your conversion rates. 

8.  How do I make the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, etc. in the footer clickable?

We have a great resource in our Knowledge Base that details how to add links to your footer items and make them clickable. Please refer to this help article: Change Footer Links

9.  Where do opt-in email addresses go? 

All of the responses, results, and contact details including email addresses will be stored in bucket.io, and can be viewed at the funnel level by clicking the Analytics icon, right next to the green edit icon. We’ve got a step-by-step article on this in our Knowledge Base that you view HERE.

10.  How do you customize the Pre-Quiz Page for colors and other changes?Here is a link to a video tutorial in our Knowledge Base that explains this process. Step-by-step written instructions are below: 

This is all done at the Properties (tools icon) menu, in the area you wish to edit:

  • Click the Container that needs to be edited or have a color change
  • From the Properties menu scroll to find Background Color section
  • Pick the desired color from the given options in the picker, or type in your hex code

If it's a font color, same process as above but instead of Background Color you will be looking for Font Properties, and then pick a color. 

11.  Can bucket.io send quiz results to our enterprise clients, or do we have to manually send those? 

As it stands right now, this is a process that is done manually by exporting the responses and then sending the CSV file to your clients via email.  Please review this Knowledge Base article for further details on how to export responses. However, the feature to automate this process is on our roadmap for future release.

12.  How do I create a sales page in bucket.io?

You can create a sales page in bucket.io very similarly to how a Pre-Quiz Page (link to article) or Post-Quiz Page (link to article) is built. These pages can feature e-commerce products, a long-form sales letter, a video that helps sell your product, etc. To complete the sale, you’ll just need to add either an external redirect or link a button to your shopping cart / payment processing app, as that functionality is not built into our platform currently.     

13.  What web browser is best to use when working in 2.0?

We strongly recommend using Chrome when you're working in your account. It is quite common to see errors (and headaches) when customers use Safari or Firefox.
14. How do I change my credit card billing details?
Please check out this Knowledge Base article for step-by-step instructions on how to update your billing info: Changing Billing Info

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