[2.0] Finding a Link to the Funnel

[2.0] Finding a Link to the Funnel

It’s easy to find the link to a funnel that you have published previously. 

STEP # 1 

Go to the Funnels page by clicking either Funnels on the Top menu or Go to Funnels on the Get Started section of the Dashboard.

STEP # 2

On the Funnels page, search for the funnel that you want to find the link to, then click the Options Icon (Three dots to the right) and then click on the Funnel Link option. 

A pop-up window will open showing the published link and the preview link. Next to each one, you will have the option to copy the link and/or open it on a new tab.

STEP # 3

Another option to get the funnel link is from the Editing Active Funnel window. From there, click Edit Active Funnel.

NOTE: Don’t click Clone and Edit New on the Editing Active Funnel window, otherwise, you will be taken to a new, unpublished funnel. 

STEP # 4

The URL for the funnel is always displayed on the Funnel Link box under the Top menu. From here, click the Copy button to the right if you need to share the URL with other people.

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