Embed Bucket.io Code in Your Website

Embed Bucket.io Code in Your Website

In this article, we’ll show you how to embed Bucket.io code into your website. 

Things to know before you begin:

You can copy your embed code directly from the main Discover or Segment pages.  

For example: 

You can also change the funnel type without losing any data on a survey or funnel currently ingesting participant data. The funnel type you choose determines whether you will have a link or an embed code to copy. 

The only time you will have a standard URL is when you select Full Page as your survey or funnel type. Otherwise, you will have an embeddable code. We’ll be focusing on how to use embeddable codes on your website. If you need assistance inputting URL links in your site, please let one of our help team know. 


Step 1: Copy Your Embed Code

Navigate to the Publish section of your Discovery Survey or Segmentation Funnel, and copy the embed code or link. Alternatively, obtain the code directly from a published survey as shown above. 

Step 2: Paste the Code in the HTML Section of Your Site. 

In the following example, we’ll be using WordPress. However, you can input the code in the web publishing platform of your choice that supports embeddable codes. 

1. Open the page or post where you want to embed the code. By default you are shown the Visual editing pane:

2. To the right of Visual, click on Text to bring up the WordPress text editor.

3. Paste the code.

Important: Ensure you publish or update the page or post while still in the text editor. If you switch back to visual it can affect the code. 

Example of a successfully embedded button code:

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