[2.0] Edit Active Funnels

[2.0] Edit Active Funnels

Note: Once a funnel has recorded views in its analytics, you will be able to make all kinds of changes to the design but you won't be able to make major changes such as:

  1. Delete or Add Pre-Quiz Pages            
  2. Delete or Add Questions
  3. Delete or Add Choices on Questions
  4. Delete or Add Lead Capture Pages
  5. Delete or Add Post-Quiz Pages
  6. Delete or Add Buckets
STEP # 1

Go to the Funnels page by clicking either Funnels on the Top menu or Go to Funnels on the Get Started section of the Dashboard.

STEP # 2

Locate for the funnel that needs to be edited, then click the Edit button to the right. 

STEP # 3

On the Editing Active Funnel window, click Edit Active Funnel.

STEP # 4

Make the required changes to the funnel, then click the Push Changes button on the top right. 

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