[2.0] Building a Quiz Results Page

[2.0] Building a Quiz Results Page

The Quiz Results page is the area in the Canvas that contains your buckets. It comes after the Quiz Questions and before the Lead Capture Page/s

The Quiz Results page is where bucket.io calculates results based on how the audience answered your quiz questions, which helps to determine the Post-Quiz Page/s to which they will be redirected. Question answers can be connected to your buckets either by using the Mapping option, or Score.

By default, the Quiz Results page only has one bucket, but you can add more buckets to it if needed. The Quiz Results page is not visible to quiz takers - it is meant for your internal use only.

Note: After setting up your buckets, you will also need to map (if using mapping) or assign value (if using scoring) to your quiz question answers for proper calculation of quiz scores (see Maps Questions to Buckets for more information).

Step # 1

On your Quiz Results page, position your cursor over the bucket title, click the Pencil icon once it appears, then give the bucket a title/name. If you have more than one (1) bucket, repeat until you’ve named all your buckets.

Note: Prior to setting up the Quiz Results page, the page must be connected to the last set/s of quiz questions in your funnel.

Step # 2

The Mapping tab on the top of the Quiz Results page is selected by default. This is related to the number displayed on the bottom left of each bucket, which is initially set to 0. Once you map questions to your buckets, that number is updated - it indicates the total number of questions that are mapped to the bucket.

Note: For more information on mapping, you may also check out Map Questions to Buckets.

Step # 3

Click the Score tab on the top of the Quiz Results page, then enter the range of scores needed for the bucket. If you have more than one (1) bucket, repeat for all the other buckets. The range of scores is based on the scores that have been assigned to answers/choices (see Scoring Questions to Determine a Bucket for more information).

Step # 4

To add more buckets to the Quiz Results page, click either Add new bucket or the Duplicate button on the bottom of the first bucket on the page. Repeat until you’ve added all the buckets to the page.

Note: In case you need to delete a bucket, click the Delete icon on the bottom of the bucket. To delete all the buckets, position your cursor over the Quiz Results page, then click the Delete All button when it appears on the bottom of the Quiz Results page.

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