[2.0] Building a Post-Quiz Page

[2.0] Building a Post-Quiz Page

Post-Quiz pages come after the Lead Capture Page(s) - and is the last section in your funnel. The Post-Quiz page can display the quiz results or contain a video with a message about next steps. Post-Quiz pages can also be a page pointing to an external URL, that your users can then access, or a webinar registration page. You may define your funnel to have just one Post-Quiz page, or you may have several, depending on your audience’s answers to your quiz questions.

Step #1 Select a Post-Quiz Page

One Post-Quiz Page

After setting up your funnel from the Pre-Quiz page up to the Lead Capture page(s), drag the Post-Quiz components that has a green flag next it, e.g. Outcome Only, Webinar Page, Thank You Page, Sales Page and External URL, as the final section in your funnel. *Important - this Green Flag means that the funnel flow ends on that page, and you will not be able to stack these components.

Note: If you have more than one Lead Capture page, you may repeat this step until all of your Lead Capture pages have their own Post-Quiz page.

Multiple Post-Quiz Pages

If more than one Post-Quiz page is required, it is necessary to add an Outcome to Post-Quiz Page. This page doesn’t have a green flag, which will allow adding multiple pages to the funnel flow. Note that after adding one or more Outcome to Post-quiz pages consecutively, it is required that the last page of the flow is a page with a green flag, signaling the end of the flow. Therefore, an Outcome to Post-quiz page cannot be the last page of the flow, since it will generate a missing connection error. 

An example for Outcome to Post-quiz page best practice could be:

Pre-quiz Page - Questions - Lead Capture - Outcome to Post-Quiz Page - Thank you Page (green flag)/end of funnel flow.

Step #2 Edit

Webinar Page

If you set up a Webinar as your Post-Quiz Page, click the Edit button on the component, then build the page, adding information about the webinar, including the title and date as necessary.

Non-Webinar Page

If you set up an Outcome Only, Webinar Page, Thank You Page, Outcome to Post-Quiz or a Sales Page, click the Edit button on the component, then design the page on the Builder using the components discussed in Building a Pre-Quiz Page.

External URL

If you set up an External URL, enter the external URL in the text box. 

Step # 3 Connecting

Connect the Post-Quiz Page(s) to your Lead Capture Page(s). If you skip creating a Lead Capture Page, you may connect your Post-Quiz Page(s) to your Quiz Results pages instead.

Note: To duplicate a Post-Quiz Page component, move your cursor over the component, then click the Duplicate button at the bottom. To delete a Post-Quiz Page component, click the Delete button instead.

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