[2.0] Autostart

[2.0] Autostart

If you’re looking for an option for quiz takers to go straight to the first question, rather than showing a landing page/Pre-Quiz Page first, then this is the feature for that task.

*Please Note: This option will not eliminate the Pre-Quiz Page, instead it will automatically start the quiz and take people to the first question immediately, with some variation of a Pre-Quiz Page in the background.

Here is how it looks to survey takers

Without Autostart

With Autostart

STEP # 1: Activating Autostart

  • Once in Canvas locate the Pre-Quiz Page
  • The Autostart option is located at the bottom of the Pre-Quiz card, and it is basically a switch between Full Page (active Pre-Quiz Page) or Autostart (inactive Pre-Quiz page)

  • Toggle the Autostart option, and make sure changes are being saved at the top-right corner of your Canvas

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