[2.0] QFMC Intro to 2.0 Webinar

[2.0] QFMC Intro to 2.0 Webinar

This webinar replay covers an overview of the 2.0 dashboard, how to customize a quiz funnel using a template, a direct integration with MailChimp, and how to set up a custom domain.

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    • [2.0] Intro to 2.0

      This webinar replay will provide a general overview of 2.0, demonstrates how to build a funnel using a template, and also highlights the key differences between version 1.0 & 2.0.
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    • [2.0] Google Analytics

      This webinar covers the basics of Google Analytics, and demonstrates the steps for integration in bucket.io.
    • [2.0] Custom Domains & Post-Quiz Pages

      This webinar replay will cover adding and using a custom domain when publishing a funnel, as well as how to add and customize the Post-Quiz pages.
    • [2.0] Single Page Builder & ESP Overview

      This webinar demonstrates how to use the Single Page Builder feature for About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions pages, etc. In addition, we do a quick overview of the Email Service Providers (ESPs) that we have a direct integration with.