[2.0] Facebook Pixel FAQ

[2.0] Facebook Pixel FAQ

  • What is the FB Pixel?

Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your funnel

  • When should I use FB pixel?

When the goal is to:

  1. Track the actions people take in your funnel (if you’re running ads)

  2. Create audiences using the information people have provided (even if they did not finish the funnel)

  3. Retarget audiences with follow-up funnels or promos

  • How do I find my pixel code?

The Facebook Pixel code can be found in the Events Manager in your Facebook Business account, please check the steps on the following article for more details:


  • I already have a pixel code, where do I put it in bucket.io?

  1. Once inside your funnel (in Canvas perhaps)

  2. Go to Settings

  3. From the left-hand menu click Integrations

  4. Toggle the integration on and place your Facebook pixel code in the indicated area

  • I have many businesses/products, can I use a different pixel for each funnel?

Yes, you may use a different Facebook pixel for each funnel and this will not cause any overlapping information. 

  • Can I use the same pixel for all my funnels?

Yes, you may use the same Facebook pixel for multiple funnels. Just make sure you don’t use the same “tags” for all your funnel or else, you’ll have a mix of information

  • bucket.io is asking me to configure events, tags, and values. What do I put there?

For your questions, we recommend using the ViewContent event, and for Outcomes the Lead event. For a better understanding of Tags and Values, we recommend checking the following help article: https://desk.zoho.com/portal/askmethod/en/kb/articles/setting-up-facebook-pixel

  • Do I need to assign a Value?

Yes, you need to select the Event type (ViewContent, Lead, etc), assign a Tag, and a value. When the event is correctly configured you will be able to turn on the Toggle located at the end of the event. 

  • Do I need to configure events in every question?

No, it is not mandatory to configure events on every question. You’ll only need to configure the ones you need to keep a record of, for instance, demographic questions, segmentation questions, etc.

  • Where do I see the stats collected by FB pixel?

It will be available in the Events Manager inside your Facebook Business account. Therefore, this information is not stored in your bucket.io account.

  • I tested my funnel and the events are not triggering, what do I do? 

We recommend using the live link of the funnel to test the Facebook pixel integration instead of the Preview mode (preview mode does NOT record data). Additionally, we recommend using the Facebook pixel extension in Google Chrome, which helps identify the events triggered in your funnel.

  • What should I do if the Facebook pixel helper extension is not showing the events being triggered?

If the Facebook pixel helper is not displaying your events we recommend doing this:

  • Clear cache in your browser and reload the page

  • Make sure any AdBlocker is disabled

  • Use the Incognito session, and enable the Facebook pixel helper is enabled to be triggered in this mode (Extension settings)

  • If you copied the Facebook Pixel code from a notepad or any other source other than Facebook Events Manager the Code might be damaged, So we recommend copying the code again from your Facebook Events Manager

  • If after following these steps the issue persists, please contact support so the team can help you further

  • How can I track when people opt-in on my funnel?

We recommend configuring the events on the Outcome option, where you will be able to see the different buckets you have added to your funnel. The events configured in the section will be triggered as soon as the contact information is submitted in the Lead Capture page of your funnel if a person triggers this event. Furthermore, we recommend using the Lead event here.

  • Can I use a Page View event?

No, the Facebook Pixel code entered already has a Page View event configured, which will be triggered as soon as the funnel is opened. Therefore, Facebook only allows one PageView event to be triggered per URL. Instead, we recommend using the ViewContent event for your questions

  • Can I add the Facebook Pixel code in the Tracking Code section of my funnel?

No, The Facebook Pixel should be added in the Facebook Integration area within your funnel. The Tracking Code section is used for other snippets or tracking codes that will be triggered in the <Head> or <Body> section of your funnel.

  • When a funnel is duplicated, is the Facebook Pixel configuration duplicated as well?

Yes, the Facebook Pixel configuration will be duplicated as well, so you can start tracking your events once the duplicated funnel is published. Note that it is always recommended to check this integration in case you need to perform some changes and click on Save Changes.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out via support@bucket.io

Mon thru Fri, from 8:00 to 17:00

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