[2.0] Editing Pages of the HTBC Templates

[2.0] Editing Pages of the HTBC Templates

After cloning from a template, you will be able to modify images, text, and background colors.
These instructions work on Sales Pages, Pre-Quiz Pages, Lead Capture pages, and Thank You Pages. To edit questions, please refer to the article  [2.0] Edit Application Questions to the HTBC TemplateStep #1: Access Pages

Step #1: Access the Landing page of your selected funnel

The Landing page will vary depending on the template selected, whether you wish to edit text, images, colors, videos, or any aspect of the Landing page, you'll need to access the "Builder" area by clicking the green Edit button.
  1. HTBC - No Cost Application: The landing page of this template is the Pre-quiz page, click in the Edit button in this page 

  1. HTBC - Paid Application (Part A) and HTBC - Paid Application (Part B): The landing page of these templates is the Sales page, since the AutoStart function is enabled in the Pre-quiz page. Therefore, click on the edit button located in the Sales page

Step #2: Changing Images

Double-Click on the image you wish to change and this action should open the Image/Background window, here you may choose to do one of the following actions:
  1. Import an image from your computer:
    1. Click the here link to upload an image from your computer library
  2. If the image you want to use is already in the Image Library, select it, and click the Save Changes button.

Step #3: Changing text

  1. Double-Click on the text box you wish to edit
  2. The pointer should enabled to type or paste any text.

Step #4: Changing the background color

  1. Select the outer most layer until it is highlighted as shown in the picture below.
  2. Then From the left-hand menu, select Image & Background.
  3. Lastly, use the Background Color Options to manually select a color or enter a Hex code.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out via support@bucket.io

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