[2.0] Edit Application Questions to the HTBC Template

[2.0] Edit Application Questions to the HTBC Template

Once a funnel is cloned from a template, you will be able to add, delete questions, and modify the type of question.
  1. Adding and deleting questions is possible when the funnel is not published. Therefore, if the funnel is already published you will need clone the funnel in question to make changes. For further information on this please refer to the help article [2.0] Edit Active Funnels
  2. All changes are saved automatically.

Step #1: Modify existing questions

  1. Hover the question box and click on the pensil icon located at the bottom right corner
  2. This opens the Builder section where you should be able to edit your question, plus choices with advanced font properties (pop-up properties and question properties at the left hand side)

Step #2: Add Questions

  1. From The left hand menu in Canvas, drag the Quiz Question component, and drop it anywhere
  2. Then move the Question Component to the position you wish 
  3. Connect the red dot so that it becomes part of the quiz flow
  4. Lastly, follow Step #1 above to edit the new question

Step #3: Delete questions

  1. Hover over the question and click on the Delete icon (the trash can)
  2. Then confirm that you wish to delete the question

Note: If you need to remove the existing connections to add new questions in between, please refer to help article [2.0] Adding a Question & Redoing Funnel Flow Connections

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out via support@bucket.io

Mon thru Fri, from 8:00 to 17:00

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